Tired of removalist services

A removalist is someone who helps people move their possessions to a different place to live or work. A removalist is also called a moving company or van line. It is a company that helps people and businesses move their goods from one place to another. It provides a wide range of exclusive services for relocations like packing boxes, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, arranging of items to be shifted. They also provide some additional services apart from the moving goods, these services include cleaning service for houses, offices or warehousing facilities, using card board box for removal.

The amount incurred when hiring a removalist service is usually depended on some factors. Some of these factors include- the distance between where the goods are to be carried from to where they will be carried to, the weight of the goods to be moved, the degree of urgency associated with transporting such goods which means that more money has to be paid to transport goods earlier than usual, the time and season of the year is also a factor because it is more difficult to transport goods during winter when there is snow than it is during summer. While some prefer to use truck rental services or simply borrowing trucks to transport their goods by themselves, hiring a removalist service is highly advisable to save one from the stress of unloading and offloading as well as purchase of materials such as boxes, paper, tape and bubble wrap with which to pack boxable or protect fragile household goods and to consolidate the carrying and stacking on a moving day. Hence, you can reduce the stress of moving your items by hiring professionals called removalist. Removalist will do all the lifting and some will even do the packing for you if you don’t have time or down want to bother yourself with packing yourself.

When you are planning a big move like moving interstate, there are many things you will need to consider, first of all is selecting an interstate removals company should be top of your list. There are particular things that you should consider and be aware of when you are trying to establish which of the interstate removalist on your list is going to be best suited for you. When choosing which interstate removals companies, you will compare, you need to ensure first of all that the company is legitimate and eligible. A company that does not provide the right service for your needs is going to potentially cost you time and money and add unnecessary stress to what is already a complicated time. A good interstate removals company will invest time and money in creating a professional image. Therefore, a company that has a website with relevant content is often a good place to start.

Removalist service also offers a service called backloading that allows people to save money when transporting their goods. Backloading is a common phrase used by removalist to describe an inexpensive moving option. It is done in order for a moving company or removalist service company to maximize their downtime and increase profit levels. Backloading is available for a truck that is returning from a moving trip empty and can carry a load back to its starting point. Taking advantage of the backloading service offered by a removalist service company allows you to only pay for the space that your boxes and furniture take up in a moving truck going in one direction. If you are comfortable with your boxes and furniture being loaded and transported with another customer’s belongings, then this is the best and least expensive choice for your relocation.

Choosing a quality removalist service company seems a herculean task, this statement is supported by reports and experiences of people who had bad experiences with moving services who failed to live up to their claims. Doing a little research beforehand can help one make wise decisions in choosing a quality moving service or removalist service company that best meet your needs for relocation. Moving services can either be full-time offering all-inclusive option available for your moving day and offer control over every aspect of your move from start to finish, such as packing, loading, driving and unloading, partial full-service – offering partial control over your move to save money on the cost of full-service moving. The third type is the do it yourself service which involves you taking full responsibility for handling every aspect of the moving process.

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All you need to know about portable stages

Unlike in the past, hosting a music concert, comedy show, performance function, or any local even is no longer limited to stadiums, social halls, clubs, auditoriums, and other unique places. People are now accustomed to outdoor events, and the culture is spreading across the globe. This is the main reason why portable stages are becoming increasingly popular. They not only change any room into a beautiful performance arena, but they can also be used for a variety of events.
Before you set out to the market looking for a portable stage, there are a few tips you need to have in mind, which will help you choose something that will suit your needs.

Tip #1 Know the intended use

There are different types of stages available in the modern market, and they are all made for different uses. You may want one for theatre performances, talent shows, or you may need one that will be used as institution furniture for assembly. There is no universal stage will help you meet your specialized needs; hence you need to go for something that will match the occasion.

Tip #2 Choose the surface material wisely

The surface material determines the quality of the portable stages. If you go for a cheaper option, it means that it is made from laminated hardboard decks, and they tend not to last for long. The best stage is made of a polypropylene surface with a non-slip coating which enhances longevity, and functionality in both indoor and outdoor spaces.
In case you have a flexible budget that can help you purchase an upmarket portable stage, go for carpeted decks. Not only are they astoundingly durable, but they also present a broad range of styles and colours to choose from.

Tip #3 Consider different options

Of course, there is the kind of portable stage you need, and you focus on it when you get to the market. However, do not go with a closed mind. Consider different options, and you might end up getting something better than what you had earlier planned. Look at different brands, make a thorough comparison, and select one that you feel will best meet your requirements.

Tip #4 Have a flexible budget

This is doubtlessly the most important tip in the list. Since you need to buy a portable stage, you have a budget, right? You may need to stick by it so that you can have money to buy a range of other things that you need to make your event a success.
If you need to get the best, then having a flexible budget is the best way to go. Remember, you can get something for a bit more than you had earlier planned, or you can get it for much less and save something form your budget. Make sure you add something to the initial budget. This is a great way to guarantee you get a quality, functional, and durable, portable stage that will give you maximum satisfaction.

Current industry trends

Portable stages have been in the market for a while now. However, the stages you find today are not those that were used in the yesteryears. They are advancing with technology, and below are some of the most notable changes in the 21st century.

Ultra-light portable stages
One of the primary goals of portable stages is that they can be assembled and disassembled quickly, and they can be transported from one event to the next with ease. In the past, portable stages were massive, and required a lot of workforces to assemble, and could not be transported without the help of heavy machinery. However, this narrative is no longer a problem, thanks to the development of ultra-light portable stages.
These stages provide a user-friendly, safe, lightweight, easy to assemble, and quick to dismantle the system. If you have one, you can quickly assemble it yourself, without having to seek an extra hand.
Despite being highly lightweight, ultra-light portable stages are incredibly strong and can support a distributed weight of up to one tone per square meter.

Improved lighting
Stage lighting has become highly fashionable than it was in the past. Today, there are different types and designs of broad lights, fixed-focus lighting, spotlights, soft lamps, and floodlights, all of which add a modern flair to a portable stage. These lighting systems are made not only to create life on the stage but also to save energy; thus reducing the running costs of your events company.

Use of aluminium crowd barricades
When purchasing a portable stage, you will need to know that you will be dealing with crowds. For a successful and organized stage, you cannot just let anyone get on stage and spoil the fun. This is the main reason why crowd barricades are essential.
A current trend has seen event organizers change from steel barricades, which were highly bulky, to aluminium one which is highly lightweight. Surprisingly, the latter reduces weight by over 20%, but they do not compromise on quality, functionality, and durability. For this reason, they are the best modern crowd control barricades in the market.

Bridging supports
This has worked as a great alternative to individual legs on a mobile stage. Bridging supports are easy to set up and can be adjusted to suit different needs, making it a notable development in the portable stage industry.
Here is the equipment you need…

When looking for a portable stage, below are options you might consider;

Wood stage- features a wooden floor with panels or lights fitted on the sides for illumination.
Acrylic stage- it features a wooden base but contains white-coloured acrylic images.
LED crystal stage- this stage equipment is more sophisticated than its wooden and acrylic counterparts, and contains paintings that can be lit in different colours to fit the mood of an event. It is ideal if you need a portable stage for glamorous events such as weddings.
For a fact, portable stages are some of the most effective ways to meet the ever-growing demand for regular events at public and private spaces, with undue expenses and minimal burdens. With the above information, you will be on your way to getting the best for your upcoming event. Good luck!

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Should You Get Blinds, Awnings Or Both?

Window coverings are an integral part of the overall interior design of any building, whether it is a residential or commercial building. Therefore, it’s essential that you make the right choice when it comes to your window coverings.

Two of the most popular window coverings are the outdoor blinds and awnings. Both are ideal if you want a window covering that can give you some privacy and keep the sun out. In addition, these window coverings can help to enhance the look of your window, giving it a refreshingly new look. If you’re planning to outfit your window with some covering, would you opt for the blinds or should you just choose the awnings? Or would it be better to get both instead? Read on to find out.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are the most common forms of window covering. It comes with many benefits over other types of window covering since they are easy to install and it can instantly change the overall appearance of your window.

If you need a window covering that allows you to control the amount of light that gets into your window, then you should go for the window blinds. The blinds can be installed in your bedroom or any other room in your house where you don’t want the light to disturb you. Window blinds are also great for commercial buildings and offices. They are very versatile and are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles.

Depending on the type of window blinds that you will buy, this window covering can provide you with a level of privacy that you can’t get from other window coverings, such as curtains. Here are more benefits of installing window blinds:

  1. More privacy – the blinds can do more than just controlling the light that goes into the window. It also prevents people from the outside from peeking inside your house.
  2. Enhance interior look – as mentioned, blinds are installed indoors and depending on the design that you will go for, and they can help to enhance the look of your interiors.
  3. Less energy consumption – they can help to multiply the amount of sunlight that gets into your house, which helps to save the amount of energy required to operate your heating devices. They also help to reduce the amount of electricity needed to run an air conditioning system. As a result, window blinds help to lower your electric bill.


Unlike the window blinds, which need to be installed in the interior part of the building, awnings are window coverings that are to be installed outdoors. These are roof-like structures made from plastic or canvas that works more like a window shelter, protecting your home against the weather. Window awnings are used in both residential and commercial buildings, and its primary purpose is to keep a structure protected from the sun.

It has the ability to prevent glare and UV rays from getting inside, which also helps to reduce the amount of heat inside a building. These days, you’ll find different types of awnings made from different materials and they have different designs too. In most cases, they are built in such a way that they match with the overall architectural feature of a building. Some of the most popular types of awnings are the retractable awnings, residential awning, and deck awning. Here are more benefits that you can get from using awnings as a window covering:

  1. Protection from the rain – awnings are not only good at protecting your house from the sun, but it also protects it from the rain.
  2. Extra outdoor functions – if installed in your home, awnings can widen your outdoor living space, which is great for when you’re hosting outdoor parties.
  3. Lower energy consumption – just like the window blinds, awnings can help to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate your heating system and air conditioning system.

Why It’s Better To Get Both Blinds and Awnings

Both the window blinds and awnings are great options for window coverings, whether it is for residential or commercial use. The primary purpose of these window coverings is to protect your home or building from the sun’s harmful rays. If you want ultimate protection, it is a great idea to install both – window blinds inside and the awnings outside. Installing window blinds together with awnings means you’ll be able to block more sunlight from getting into your home or offices. Thus, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of energy needed to operate your heating and air conditioning system.

Installing both the blinds and awnings may cost you more money but just think about the financial benefits that you can get from it in the long run. With the amount of energy that you can save from installing both these window coverings, investing in them is really worth it.

If your primary purpose is to merely have an outside covering that can enhance the overall facade of your home or commercial building, you can simply install the awnings. On the other hand, if it’s the interior that you want to enhance, then the window blinds should do it. Basically, if your main purpose for having a window covering is to aesthetically enhance the look of your home or office, then you can either have the blinds or awnings. However, if you need them for ultimate sun protection, then you better get both.

Window Blinds and Awnings in Melbourne

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Art Deco & Heritage Architecture Is The New Modern

Art Deco is basically a revolution of style and design for the modern era. Originated in the 1920s, art deco has gained popularity after the World War. Soon, it evolved into a major style in the United States and Western Europe.

Nowadays, the art deco design is one of the most sought-after architectural designs in the modern world. The design is all about creating a sleek and anti-traditional elegance symbolizing sophistication and wealth. In fact, heritage homes in Melbourne that are art deco inspired are among the most in-demand properties in the market. Read on to find out more about art deco, why it’s gaining popularity now and how it is changing the current house architect designs.

What Is Art Deco

The term “art deco” was derived from the name of the art exhibition held in Paris where the art deco style was first introduced. This design represented modernism and has turned into a fashion design. Art deco products consist of individually crafted luxury items as well as mass-produced wares. The main intention of this design is to come up with a sleek elegance that symbolizes wealth and luxury.

The distinguishing characteristics of the art deco style are simple lines and clean shapes. This design is known for its streamlined look with geometric shapes that are made from unusually varied and often expensive materials. Materials sometimes include man-made substances, such as glass and plastics. Other materials used are natural substances, such as rock crystals, silver, and jade.

Among the most formative influences on Art Deco are Bauhaus, Cubism, and Art Nouveau. The decorative ideas used for art deco are often derived from Egyptian and American Indian, as well as nature and early classical sources. Characteristic motifs consist of foliage, animals, female figures and sun rays that are all in a conventionalized form.

Art Deco & Heritage Architecture in Melbourne

The Art Deco style architecture was first developed for the French luxury market right after the end of the World War. Although the art deco architectural designs are decorative, they are considered simple since they do not incorporate any complicated shapes. In the past, art deco was rarely used in residential construction, however art deco-influenced buildings and residential properties are now gaining popularity in Melbourne.

Some of the most distinguished characteristics of art deco inspired buildings are flat roofs with parapet, symmetrical facade, geometric design motifs, smooth wall, and rectangular block forms that are arranged in a geometric fashion.

Heritage buildings that are art deco designed are gaining popularity in the Melbourne market now. As a matter of fact, heritage apartments built during the Art Deco era cost thousands of dollars more than the brick units that were built between the 1960 and 1980. The higher price behind the art deco units can be attributed to their bigger size since a one-bedroom art deco apartment is around 56 square-metre in size, which is about 20% bigger compared to an average flat in Melbourne. The heritage units that have three to four bedrooms, although rare, are still bigger compared to other apartments in Melbourne that have the same bedroom configurations.

Most of the heritage units are also located in Melbourne’s affluent inner-city suburbs such as East Melbourne, South Yarra and Prahran, where the median price of an apartment unit is more than $500,000. Furthermore, a lot of the Art Deco apartments can be found at prime locations and this is one of the reasons behind the higher price. In addition, these areas are usually in places with height restrictions, which means less competition from new apartment developments.

Art Deco Inspired Buildings in Melbourne

Melbourne still has several examples of art deco inspired buildings that are standing today and some of these are very prominent, while others are not as popular.

There are quite a few prominent architects in Melbourne who have worked during the art deco era. One of them is Harry Norris who designed one of the most popular art deco inspired buildings in Melbourne, the Mitchell House. Located in Elizabeth Street, the Mitchell House was built in 1937. It’s a 6-story building that was a headquarters of Thos. Mitchell and Co, a local brush manufacturer. Harry Norris is also known for his work at Sherbrooke, known as the Burnham Beaches, a classic example of what they call as the nautical modern styling.

Another popular art deco inspired building is the McPhersons Building located at 546 Collins Street. This building is also one of Melbourne’s most striking examples of horizontal architecture. It’s made from terracotta tiles and a numerous amount of vitrolite glass.

Architectural Firms Known for their Art Deco Projects

Due to the popularity of art deco architecture, it’s not surprising to find plenty of architectural firms in Melbourne that develops art deco inspired projects. For instance, Melbourne-based architects Sydney Smith and Ogg are the company behind the State Savings Bank in Yarraville. This Art Nouveau-inspired building is a perfect example of art deco architecture.

The St George’s Theatre, another art deco inspired building at Birmingham Street in
Yarraville was built in 1891 and designed by Craven, Brown & Marqua. In 1913, the theatre was made into a cinema shortly after the film Universal Dancing Classes was released. Interestingly, this place was also used to film some scenes for the 1992 movie, Strictly Ballroom.

Perhaps, the most prominent of all art deco buildings in Melbourne is the Manchester Unity Building in Swanston Street. Designed by Marcus Barlow, the building is very popular for its spectacular architectural facade. The tower was built as an homage to the Chicago Tribune Building, which was built in 1932 at the height of the Great Depression.

The Manchester Unity Building’s interiors are as elaborately decorated as its facade. Local marbles were used for the flooring and its four escalators are said to be the first escalators built in the city. After the building was completed, an elaborate gala was held. During the event, Sir Stanley Argyle turned the lights on for the first time last September 1, 1932. Nowadays, the upper floors of the building are used as commercial offices and the ground floor arcade is intended for retail spaces.

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The Tips on Travelling Alone

Travelling is one of the best experiences that you can have in this world. Nothing teaches you more about life then travelling to different places does. Experiencing different cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds teaches you life lessons you will never forget.
Your soul feels liberated when you travel and your mind relaxes like it has never before. Travelling to different places is like food for your soul that enriches you as a person. People travel for all kinds of reasons. Some do it because it is a part of their jobs while others do it to get away from their jobs.
People, in general, love to travel and experience things for themselves. Travelling has many benefits. For instance, it improves your communication and social skills. If you are in a place where no one speaks English then you have to learn how to communicate with them through signs and gestures. Travelling is experienced best when you are travelling on solo travel tours.

It will add to your experience and will help you to become a more versatile person. When you are away from all the hassle, troubles of job and everyday life, you get to relax and be with yourself. In times like these, thoughts just flow and you wonder about things that truly matter in life.
Going on vacations help you to calm down and rejuvenates you. It also helps to tackle life with a fresh mind. Travelling alone can be a little scary especially if you are going to a place you haven’t been before. It is for that reason we have shortlisted a couple of tips that should help you out.

1. Don’t be afraid

Travelling to a new place all by your self can be scary. But, the moment you accept that you are scared you won’t be able to enjoy the trip at all. Although, being scared is a natural feeling in these situations, try to ignore any kind of negative emotions. Remembering why you started and counting all the things you want to do while you are on the holiday will help you feel positive and happy. You will go from being scared of the trip to looking forward to it.

2. Count your strengths

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are before you travel will be of a lot of help while you are on the trip. Are you good with maps? If you are not then it would make more sense to book a tourist guide for the trip. This way you will get to see the tourist attractions without losing your way.
If you are an extrovert then you may want to book your vacation to a place where you get to interact with people from different backgrounds and make friends. On the other hand, if you are an introvert then going to a place where there might be a problem of language barrier will be a plus point for you as you will want to be alone anyway.

3. Saying no is okay

If you read about people who go travelling and exploring, you will realize that a good number of these people will encourage you to say yes to new experiences. While it is true that saying yes will help you to gain new experiences, it is also completely fine to say no.
In fact, it is recommended that you turn down offers where you feel uncomfortable especially if you are travelling alone. Always trust your instincts. It is also a smart move to keep important numbers like tourist police etc on you at all times. Learning how to say “No, thank you” in the local language will help the locals understand that you are not interested.
Locals in marketplaces who make their living by selling items tend to target tourists. Tourists become an easy target for them because, after a little persuasion, they tend to give in. They are also able to overcharge the tourists as they will not argue. Learning how to confidently and sternly say no will help to avoid landing in such situations.

4. Explore

Let other travellers know where you are going without giving out too much information. You will easily be able to connect with other travellers if you are going to a popular destination. If you feel they are trustable, then you guys could plan to meet up somewhere locally and go on adventures together.
Popular destinations to go on solo trips
When talking about exploring different places around the world on your own, you have a lot of options. You can travel to places like Seville (Spain), Glacier National Park (Montana), Paris (France), Bangkok (Thailand), the coastline towns of Wales, etc. In Seville, you can find new friends with whom you can dance. In Glacier National Park, you can soak in nature to its full glory and so on.
If you are going to a popular tourist destination, then chances are that the place will be swarmed with tourists. Many people will approach you, some with good intentions and some with not so good intentions.
It is always best to check the person’s background in any way that you could. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable in their presence or feel that something fishy is going on, then don’t give them the benefit of the doubt.
One of the best ways that you could avoid such situations is to have some trustable people around you. Hiring a travelling agency that specializes in solo trips is a perfect way out. Some of the travel agencies that specialize in single travelling packages within Australia include Encounter Travel, Goway, Intrepid Travel, Solo Traveler, Zicasso, etc. All these firms provide great single tour packages around the globe.

According to a study that surveyed over 13,000 travellers from across 25 countries, over 24% of those travellers were solo. There are travels agencies that give solo travellers an offer to tailor their vacation the way they want. This gives the traveller a sense of freedom that they wouldn’t get if they had a partner. Also, not everyone wants to wait around for a partner to travel the world.
Going on planned solo trips through agencies will allow you to be alone but you will still be among a bunch of people. One of the aims of you planning to travel is to be able to explore that place. Going out every single day that you are there can be very exhausting.
So, it is okay if you decide to stay in for some days. However, on days that you do go out, make a commitment to yourself not to be on your phone too much. Hiding behind the familiar screen of your phone or even a book can be comforting.
But, it beats the whole purpose of exploring and travelling. Put your fears and insecurities inside your bag along with your phone and books and head out. We get all excited and pumped up when we plan the trip and make arrangements. But, as the date comes closer and closer, doubt starts to creep in.
We question our decision and will look for reasons to back out. But, once you are able to break that barrier, if you are able to push through and face the things that scare you about travelling alone then you will be unstoppable. Once you experience how enriching travelling can be for you then you will wonder why you ever doubted it in the first place.

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